Advantages And Disadvantages In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most lucrative opportunities you have online. Aside from selling items on eBay, or offering your services to customers online, you can also make money on the internet by promoting other people’s products and referring potential customers to merchants who need them. If you are new to this kind of opportunity, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing that you may want to consider first.

Advantages of affiliate marketing

1. As an affiliate, all you have to do is promote the merchant’s product and refer potential customers to their site. You don’t have to have a product of your own, nor purchase them from merchants to make money. In some affiliate programs, you don’t even have to make a sale. For as long as you have referrals, you can get a commission from them.

2. In affiliate marketing, you work in your own time at the comforts of your own home. You don’t have to go out and meet potential customers. With the convenience of the internet, you can introduce the product to as many people as you can with only your website.

3. You don’t have to work full time on being an affiliate. You can keep your day job and make affiliate marketing a means to get extra income.

4. Unlike other moneymaking opportunities online like the pay per click, you get good money with just single sale of the product. You can find affiliate programs that can even give you around 50 percent commission of the product you sell.

5. If you are a merchant, affiliate marketing is one easy way to advertise and promote your product. You don’t have to worry about getting targeted traffic to your online store as your affiliates will do the job for you. You will also be sure that you are only going to pay for advertising if there is a sale of the product, thus you are ensured that there is output.

Disadvantages of making money as an affiliate

Like any other means of making money online, there are also disadvantages in affiliate marketing, that is why, it is important to weigh the advantage and disadvantage affiliate marketing before you decide to start.

1. With this scheme, it may take time to see good commissions coming in. Of course, you still need to build up your site and you still need to work on your targeted traffic. If you start with an established website, you may find it easier to get a sale for the first few months. Another thing, you don’t immediately get paid after the ale of the product. It may take you another month to wait for your commission earned in the previous month.

2. Some unscrupulous merchants may also lower down their commission rates a few weeks after you have signed in or after you have generated good number of referrals.

3. Merchants may also close down their programs without notice and that will leave you empty handed.

Like any other money making ventures, there are always risks involved, that is why you have to weigh the advantage and disadvantage of affiliate marketing before engaging into this opportunity.

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